A message from the founder of Prama Institute and Wellness Center

Prama Institute

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​Our original idea behind the Prama Institute and Wellness Center was to provide an affordable holistic retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains. What makes Prama a special place to restore one’s dynamic balance, according to our attendees, is the beauty of the inner and outer “sacred space” evoked by the environment, facilities, staff, food and holistic programs. However the road to that “sacred space” is often difficult in the beginning.

We come to realize that achieving a balance in our physical, emotional, social and spiritual lives requires a longer journey of a shift in our life styles. It is for this reason that we see so many people return time and time again to the Prama Institute and Wellness Center to affirm and reaffirm that dynamic balance that Prama personifies for their lives. Please help us to continue our mission by donating to our holiday fundraiser. Read more about our history here.

New friends enjoying their last juice after the 5 day juice cleanse this past weekend!

​Are you feeling stressed and fatigued from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? It is the perfect time to start planning for your first cleanse of the New Year!


Bikram, So-Cal, and Priming for a Predator

I love Southern California – the sun, the sea, the optimism, the creativity!

And. . .it’s no secret that there’s a dark underbelly to the culture. I would argue that it’s this shadow side of the sunshine state that creates a fertile breeding ground for perpetrators like Bikram. When the Netflix documentary came out a few weeks ago I thought, “Yeah, I guess I should schedule that in,” (with about as much enthusiasm as I have for a pap smear). But, a few days ago, I managed to get through it. Read more here…



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