Summer Detox at The Prama Institute


Join us and feel the power and potency of natural rejuvenation!

Our 10 day detox program will give your digestive system a well deserved vacation. You will free up energy to heal. You will feel more energized and nutritionally satisfied. Why? Simply because raw juices are brimming with nutrients—they are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and healing phyto-nutrients. This comprehensive program will teach you simple, effective techniques to take charge of your own health. In this program, you’ll receive much more detailed training and experience than during our weekend programs. It may even transform your life. The solutions to preventive health are quite simple! This program will teach you all about them!

You will learn:

  • to use water to detoxify and maintain optimum health
  • to prepare and apply your own mud treatments for better skin
  • to use water and steam for healing and relaxation
  • to detox and maintain a nutritious at home
  • to permanently shed unwanted pounds
  • to practice yoga exercises that detoxify and strengthen digestion
  • to gain more peace and mental clarity with meditation
  • to make juice for fasting on your own
  • to establish a daily yoga and meditation practice–and much more

No previous experience necessary. Space is limited, so please register to ensure your space.

Click Here for More Information or to Register

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