Breezeway Yoga Studio

Breezeway Yoga is Patty’s latest venue for yoga and wellness. Located at the back of the breezeway at 4830 Kingston Pike in the Knox Plaza Shopping Center between Petco and Ross the Boss, Breezeway is a peaceful studio where you can expand your practice with many different types of yoga offered by Patty and other certified instructors.

Balanced You Studios

Balanced You  and PattyYoga are teaming up at Balanced You Studios at 6712 Kingston Pike (between Brandon’s Awards and Valvoline Oil) on Bearden Hill. Our lovely studio space features a yoga studio and includes private spaces for massage and meditation as well as individual and group yoga classes.

The Prama Institute, Marshall, NC

The Prama Institute is a non-profit holistic retreat center located on forested hilltops and grasslands surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains. It sit in Marshall, NC near the French Broad River, about 25 minutes outside Asheville, NC.

One thought on “Locations

  1. Hi, Patty,
    My name is Christy. I’m 44 years old. I’ve never taken a yoga class before, so I’m a beginning beginner. 😊 Unfortunately I have several chronic medical conditions (complex regional pain syndrome in both shoulders and arms, chronic neck pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, anxiety, depression, and hypertension, and I’ve had back surgery for a herniated disc at L4-5). The back surgery was successful, but I occasionally have low back pain. Due to these conditions, I have to be careful with my physical activities. I know these are a lot of conditions, but I promise I’m not a hypochondriac! 😊 Unfortunately I developed these conditions as the result of a severe injury in 1997. I’m interested in taking yoga for: gentle stretching; overall body strengthening; improving flexibility; and reducing stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Do you think the therapeutic yoga class is the one I should take?

    Have a blessed day!


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