11 thoughts on “Connect with Patty

  1. Patty

    Thanks for your call. Your website and career look wonderful. I know the universe is supporting your work. I am not surprised at your accomplishments: you have always had the spark of love in you.

    Please keep in touch.

    Jim Stump

    • Hello Jim Stump 🙂
      Your email Just appeared !!!
      Thank you for your sweet words. It’s possible in such a large part to you. I think of you often! Business has grown since February, I now have a beautiful business partner & an amazing new studio. We spent June remodling and it exceeds expectations! Thank you for helping to make it all possible.
      Love, patricia

  2. Hi Patty. My daughters and I are interested in starting yoga. We have never done it before. They are 13 and 14 . I’ve heard wonderful things about you and thought you could tell me .. What. Where… And how to get started. Thank you . Joann Coakley

  3. I work at the Petco next door to your new location, and I am REALLY looking forward to the new space! I have been wanting to try yoga, and this seems like a sign! Best of luck!

  4. Hello patty im interested in your healing arts and wat they do. Cause I’m fairly new to the area , I’m trying to reach out to the soul family around me. And Mabye learn sumthing along the way . Pls get back to me soon cause omg I’m so bored now living in the Bible Belt lol ok my cell if you want to call or text is 865-394-4790 thanks for everything and I hope we can meet 😇 Inleketch

  5. Hi Patty
    This is an old friend Randy Beffrey here. You’d remember me best from the boat trip we took to the TN game. I was also a hairdresser. Remember? After watching your show I wanted to reach out to you about your private class schedule. I have a very flexible schedule and I wish I could say the same about my body. Unfortunately I’ve gotten old and stiff. Looking forward to hearing from you

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