The renewal of spring

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17 Days until spring arrives!

Soon, we will feel the rigor of spring blow in. This is the time of release and renewal; new beginnings.  We are talking about the powerful energy needed to transform dry, hard soil back into moist, fertile ground. The vigorous energy needed to crack a seed and nourish its growth into a budding plant. This is the same uplifting force that is around us, and within us, moving us along from our winter repose and eventually, transitioning us towards the vibrancy of summer.

However, even as sunlight expands and the sweeping winds wildly churn up change – we can still find ourselves sluggish from winter.

In this season, Yoga and Ayurveda practices are designed to help melt the ‘sludge and heaviness’ of winter; cleansing and removing built up residue in the mind and body. To release what is no longer needed, and make room for growth and expansion.

To help support your renewal,  below you will find ideas to enhance your spring yoga and two links for on-line home practices with me. I will also filled each blog this month, with techniques to  harness the powerful energy of spring. You will find cleansing foods to support detoxification, a meditation for renewal, a Vernal Equinox practice, and 5 easy daily rituals to help you get ready to bloom. So be sure to check back each week for new tips to help you grow more vibrant all month long.


“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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