Pausing & Returning: Instantly Reset Your Attention, Energy, and Presence

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Dear Friends,

True relaxation is a conscious and intentional activity. We’re working with a system that is designed to not let its guard down easily. The more we pause, the more opportunity we have to grow relaxed and present.

We practice pausing and returning to the present so that we can choose to respond to the people and events in our lives from a place that’s more calm, clear, and open rather than react from old habits or stories that no longer serve us.

The bottom line is: the more we practice on the mat, the more our practice is there for us in the challenging moments of our lives. Ultimately, our time on the yoga mat is the ‘pre-game’. Our real practice begins, when we step off our mat.

In my Livestream Meditation and Yoga classes this week we will practice pausing and learn simple tools to help us come back to our breath and body; to relax and instantly reset our attention in the present moment.

Monday, June 22nd, 10 am – Meditation Mondays (Free)

Tuesday, June 23rd, 10 am – Mindful Flow: Recharge & Reconnect ($10/class)

Friday, June 26th, 10 am – Slow Flow and Deep Relaxation ($10/class)

If you wish to dive into a 5-day immersion, I am offering an at-home retreat with Kripalu July 13-17 2020 (Details below).

I hope to practice with you soon.

With gratitude,

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